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Hypervolt Massager II
I get a lot of stress at work. It makes my shoulders tense and tight and gives me a lot of pain. I am constantly trying to stretch my muscles but it doesn't give me a lot of relief. My wife would give me shoulder massages, bless her, but it wasn't hard enough to get relief. I'm a big guy so I need something stronger. I couldn't believe how good it felt and after 5 minutes I felt like the tension was all gone and I was so relaxed. My wife still gives me massages but using this and I love it so much.My favorite attachment is the ball, but the thin one works well for specific deep spots. Very very happy with it.
Danny G
Scalp Massager II
I wish I would have started using this sooner. Honestly I forgot I ordered this and was cleaning up today and glanced at the box and decided to use it for the first time after I took my shower, first of all the size is perfect it is not heavy at all and so easy to use it is awesome for the neck and should areas the nodes hit all the right spots and get deep into the its easy to move it around to different sections will using it, and you can change the rotation and speeds, it has relieved so much tension in my neck, I will be keeping this on my nightstand to use right before bed each night, and its the perfect size for traveling, this will be going with me on trips, it won't take up to much room in my suitcase.
Queen of Virtue
Neck Massager

Neck Massager

The neck massager can be used in the car. It has a universal charger that plugs into any USB! The neck massager works through electric volts that transfer through the metal plates. In order to use the neck massager, you have to slightly dampen the metal plates. There are a few settings: hot, not hot, higher intensity, and lower intensity. To turn it on, press and hold on the button on the side and you’ll hear a beep. Its super easy to use and soothes your stressed back and neck needs. Using the neck massager, I can drive for long periods of time without feeling overly exhausted and fatigued. Since the charger has a universal USB, it easily plugs into any vehicle for a stress-free ride!
Nichole A.
Electric Head Massager II
I bought this because I suffer every single day with Migraines. So, anyone that has them will understand, you are willing to try ANYTHING! I must admit, I look goofy as heck, but it actually works. Easy to use, stays in place and is comfortable. There is a green light on top that flashes, but while wearing it, you cant see it. I'll put it on, lay back on my pillows, sniff some peppermint oil and let it work. After 15mins, my migraine is either gone or greatly reduced to where I no longer want to throat punch someone. I recommend for Migraines, at least give it a try, since we're all different and experience different things that work for us, but it's worth it! Good luck in finding relief.
Kathleena Sammy
Foot Massager Roller
I have had the product for a few days and used it several times a day for up to 2 minutes each time. The product is absolutely fantastic! Comfortable, easy to use--just sit, relax and gently move your feet back and forth. Now, as for results--WOW! My feet feel so relaxed where before they always felt tight. Nerve endings are soothed. More than this, there have been all body reaching effects. For instance I carry stress in my shoulders and neck. After a session with the massager, that area feels relaxed. When I use it briefly after a meal, my digestion seems greatly improved. I experience overall relaxation throughout y body. Thank you for this great product!
Hypervolt Massager II
I’ve owned many massaging devices and this by far has been the best. I have a lot of back pains and aches from my autoimmune disease and really wanted something to get the kinks out of my shoulders. This massager gets deep down into my aches. There is so much power and my aches go away after using. It gives a strong deep massage but not to where it hurts. It has detachable pieces for whatever massage you may want. I love that it’s rechargeable and that there is no cord attached when in use, making it free to use and move around. Also came with a storing case.
Dana Rios
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